Five Most Stylish Wearables on The Market Today

Thinking of getting a smart watch or a fitness tracker but worried that it might mess up your ‘look’? Well, fear no more because wearables have come a long way over the last 3 years. A lot of wearable tech companies have been rolling out innovative and chic wearable devises. We no longer have to sacrifice our sense of fashion over the functionality of a wearable device. In fact, we get to enjoy the best of both worlds – track our fitness to stay in shape and look good at the same time.

Here is a line up of five very stylish wearables that you could use to get important notifications, track your activities at work, home, at the gym or anywhere else really, and still look and feel stylish.

Bellabeat Leaf


Bellabeat LEAF African Blackwood

Bellabeat  LEAf is a classy piece of smart jewellery that was designed especially for women. Through the LEAF app, you can monitor your period cycle, sleep pattern and quality, track your movements, see how many calories you are burning and even get rid of stress through breathing exercises.

Because Bellabeat LEAF is easy on the eye and because of it’s creative design, it can be worn in many different creative ways. You can wear it on your wrist as a bracelet (my favourite look), pendant or as a chic accent to finish off your outfit.

And about charging – not necessary as the LEAF comes with a replaceable battery that has a lifespan of up 6 months.


Jawbone  Up2



Jawbone Up2

Lovely wearable technology in disguise here with classy colours. The white and gold combination looks so elegant and effortlessly stylish.  Jawbone Up2 is not only beautiful, it is packed with some amazing functionality to help you keep track of your wellbeing.

Its features include an activity monitor that shows you how many steps you have taken and the amount of calories burnt, an automatic sleep monitor as well as a smart coach that provides useful health tips to keep you going.

Jawbone Up3


Jawbone Up3

Apart from having a different design from the that of the Jawbone Up2,  Jawbone Up3 has a feature that focuses on heart health. It has bioimpedence sensors that monitor both your resting and passive heart rate.

Both Jawbone Up2 and Up3 come in a beautiful array of colours which are all quite honestly pretty stylish enough to worn with any outfit.

Fitbit Alta


Fitbit Alta is packed with some amazing features and still looks stylish. It will track your, sleep, activity,  and even remind you to move. It will also automatically recognise and track your workouts so you do not always have to manually tell it what you are up. The display also comes with a collection of clock faces for you to pick from.

Altruis Silver and Black Smart Ring


This is one very useful fashion accessory by Vinaya (formerly Kovert Designs) that can be worn to finish off  that all black outfit. The ring gently vibrates to alert you of any important notifications.

There you have it – five beautiful pieces of smart stylish wearables that are currently on the market for the modern day stylish woman.  You can wear these pieces with almost anything from office wear to your favourite fitness attire.


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