Mac Nude Lipsticks for Darker Skin Tones

 I’m an avid fan of Mac Cosmetics! Mac Cosmetics make up over 80 percent of my staple makeup stash and for good reasons. Their cosmetics are high quality and they are so far the only cosmetics line that seem to cater to a large array of  complexions.Mac nude lipstick for dark complexions

I of course I love their lipsticks and purchase at least 1 (read 1 to 2) new lipsticks per month. Let’s just say I have many favourites because these guys are good at creating amazing lipstick colours with some serious pigment. Recently, I’ve been experimenting with nude lipsticks. But here’s the thing – I have a lot of pigment in my lips (which I really love but sometimes need a break from) so finding a nude lipstick and keeping it nude was quite an undertaking. But with the help of the a very lovely makeup artists at a Mac Cosmetics store, we were able to find some amazing hues of pink and brown (-ish) lipsticks for me to take home. Presenting Mac nude lipsticks for darker skin tones – Modesty, Stone, and Ramblin´ Rose. I have tried them all for some time now and I must say I really love Modesty and Stone.

Mac Lipstick Stone

Stone – This is a very beautiful matte nude lipstick for darker skin tones. It’s really creamy, very moisturising and has an awesome amount of pigment. It also looks a lot like my natural lip colour which might explain why it was the easiest choice for me.

Modesty – Lovely delicate nude pink that’s easy to apply even without a lipliner. I have this one in my handbag and use it almost everyday. I would definitely recommend it!

Rambling Rose – am not so sure about this one. You see, Ramblin Rose is a ‘frost’ lipstick and prior to buying this one, I had never tried a frost lipstick before – not even one by Mac. Frost lipsticks have a weird ‘floaty’ feel to them. It kinda feels like the lipstick isn’t sticking at all when in fact it is sticking. HARD TO EXPLAIN. I’ll give it a chance but I don’t think I’m a frost lipstick kind of girl.

Taraji P. Henson VIVA GLAM III – Ok, this is not really a nude but I thought I would include it anyway because it’s really not too far from nude (and I just loved the classic raspberry fuchsia look). It’s not one that I would wear everyday but I think it’s a really lovely colour for  special occasions.

Have you tried out any of these shades yet?


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